Information for parents & carers

School Council

Clifton Primary School have representatives from KS2 who meet with Mrs Melia to discuss improvements their class would like to make at the school. Councillors are voted by members of their class.

The aims of the School Council

  • To help make school a safe, happy and fun place to learn.
  • To help teach us about democracy and good citizenship.
  • To work in partnership with all adults in the school.
  • To make sure every child has a voice.

The role of a School Councillor:

  • To work as a team to improve our school.
  • To listen to all suggestions and consider how they can make our school happier.
  • To attend and participate in School Council meetings.
  • To share information from meetings with children in our class.
'Pupils behave extremely well, applying themselves diligently to their work, and enjoy positive relationships with each'...
OFSTED comments
'High expectation across the curriculum leads to pupils being very well prepared for their next stage of education'...
OFSTED comments
'Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school. They are pleased with the quality of their children’s education'...
OFSTED comments
'Standards in reading, writing and mathematics surpass national averages by a significant margin'...
OFSTED comments
'The exciting, well-planned, broad and balanced curriculum inspires pupils to extend their knowledge and deepens their interest in the topics they cover'...
OFSTED comments
'The whole-school focus on developing speaking and listening skills is successfully increasing pupils’ proficiency to articulate their thoughts and develop a wider vocabulary'...
OFSTED comments
'The early years provision is exemplary. Children are engaged, motivated and make rapid progress through a rich diet of learning experiences'...
OFSTED comments
'Staff work together well, providing a rounded approach to meeting the social, emotional and academic needs of pupils. '...
OFSTED comments
'Teachers and teaching assistants have high expectations of what pupils can and do achieve. '...
OFSTED comments