Clifton Primary staff list:

Welcome to our wonderful school. We’re a staff who are committed to our school being an environment of excellence for our children to develop and grow in.

Our staff list will give you an overview of who works in our school along with their duties and responsibilities.

Teaching Staffing Structure and Responsibilities 2021/22

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Kernan Executive Headteacher
Mrs M Stephenson Acting Head of School
Mrs A Melia Assistant Headteacher
Mrs N Simmons Assistant Headteacher
Miss S Foxworthy Phase leader
Mrs K Hart Curriculum lead
Mrs S Middleton-Wood SENCO
Miss O Tullock School Business Manager

Foundation Stage

Mrs Simmons Teacher
Foundation Stage Phase Leader
Miss Barker Teacher
Mrs Good Teacher

Year 1

Miss Zwahlen Teacher
Mrs Hawkins Teacher

Year 2

Mrs Melia Teacher
Miss Mumby Teacher

Year 3

Miss Scoular Teacher
Miss Moy Teacher

Year 4

Mrs Stephenson / Mrs Garmston Teachers
Miss Turner Teacher

Year 5

Mr Coulson / Mrs Middleton-Wood Teacher
Mrs R Harrison Teacher

Year 6

Miss Foxworthy Teacher
Upper Key Stage Two Phase Leader
Mrs Hart Teacher

Higher level teaching assistants

Mrs Ware HLTA
Miss Bielby HLTA

Teaching assistants

Mrs Whitehead FS Teaching assistant
Mrs Osborne FS Teaching assistant
Mrs Skrodska FS Teaching assistant
Mrs J Rhodes FS Teaching assistant
Mr Hartley FS Teaching assistant
Mrs Keskin KS1 Teaching assistant
Mrs Bloomfield KS1 Teaching assistant
Miss Priestley KS1 Teaching assistant
Mrs Boynton KS1 Teaching assistant
Mrs Watson KS1 Teaching assistant
Miss Turner KS1 Teaching assistant
Mrs Wood KS2 Teaching assistant
Mrs Simpson KS2 Teaching assistant
Miss Samuels KS2 Teaching assistant
Mrs Middleton  KS2 Teaching assistant
Mrs Gregory  KS2 Teaching assistant
Mrs Jackson KS2 Teaching assistant
Mrs Taylor KS2 Teaching assistant

Admin & additional support

Miss Tullock Business Manager
Mrs Hodder Office Manager
Miss Rustill  
Mrs Middleton-Wood SENCO / CLA Coordinator
Miss Rose Child Protection Coordinator

Site staff & lunchtime

Mr Smithson Caretaker
Mrs Lawrence Lunch time supervisor
Mrs Rossington Lunch time supervisor
Mrs Cooper Lunch time supervisor
Mrs Sharpe  Lunch time supervisor

‘Parents are overwhelmingly supportive, commenting very positively on the school’s many strong features’…

OFSTED comments

‘There is a very strong focus on checking on how well different groups of pupils are learning, so that any falling behind can be immediately helped to make better progress’…

OFSTED comments

‘The excellent relationships between teachers and their pupils ensure lessons are purposeful and enjoyable’…

OFSTED comments

‘Teaching and learning are consistently good. As a result most pupils make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics from often significantly below-average starting points’…

OFSTED comments

‘Pupils contribute significantly to the successes of the school through their outstanding behaviour and readiness to learn’…

OFSTED comments

‘Leaders leave no stone unturned to ensure that the very diverse school population is treated equally and that there is a relentless focus on driving up pupil performance’…

OFSTED comments

‘Children make a good start in the early years because of good teaching’…

OFSTED comments

‘The harmonious relationships among all groups, from a wide variety of backgrounds, are a strength of the school’…

OFSTED comments

‘The range of enrichment activities the school provides is excellent and contributes a great deal to pupils’ learning’…

OFSTED comments

‘The highly successful promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of the school’s work’…

OFSTED comments

‘Pupils feel very safe in school because of the school’s rigorous approach to keeping them safe’…

OFSTED comments

‘Staff morale is high, team spirit is very strong, and all are committed to continued improvement. This helps to explain why the school is continuing to improve’…

OFSTED comments